Accreditations of Dr. Peter Kim

What is Accreditation and Why is it Important?

Dr. Peter Kim Certificate of Appreciation in the Rhinoplasty workshop and Aging Face Symposium

Dr. Peter Kim Certificate of Appreciation in the Rhinoplasty workshop and Aging Face Symposium

In our society, it is no longer good enough for a cosmetic doctor to say that they are good! There is a need for transparency in their statement of quality assurance.


So What Exactly is Accreditation?

Dr. Kim’s clinic has been accredited under the National Standard NS10010, which is a specific accreditation process developed for Cosmetic Surgical Clinics.

But on the whole, there are no set regulations on how one should operate their cosmetic clinic. There are certain guidelines which doctors follow to ensure safety in the medical service they provide. These guidelines are currently “self-regulated”.

Accreditation is proof that a cosmetic clinic’s operational framework has met standards essential to provide cosmetic, medical and surgical services of utmost quality. A patient has some assurance of receiving quality medical services as they have been independently audited and confirmed. The big one being National Standard NS10010.

Dr Peter Kim's Certificate of Board Membership of the Remedy Board of Open Access as of October 2016

Dr Peter Kim’s Certificate of Board Membership,

October 2016

What is National Standard NS10010?

In Simple Terms: Certification to NS10010 reflects an Organisation’s commitment to quality, leadership, systems and the sound and stable processes which can deliver safe and expected patient outcomes with consistency. Patient care should be managed and assured. NS10010 provides a system and framework to manage the organisation and assure satisfactory outcomes in patients. Systems should be simple and effective. Certification will assist you to prove and demonstrate that you have sound systems, and you are keeping them up-to-date and in continued compliance.

The standard–National Standard NS1001– is an industry response to the need to have a best practice framework and an Accreditation process to support it.  The National Standard NS10010 has been developed in 2005 by a committee composed of key industry stakeholders.  Cosmetic Clinics in Australia have been increasing in numbers in recent years. The Accreditation program delivered by Global-Mark is an extension of the work the company is doing in the health sector: this program is however tailored to the sector and delivered by Medical Professionals who are also Lead Auditors and have recent experience in managing a health facility.


What are you accredited for?

We are accredited to provide:

  • Laser treatments
  • Cosmetic injections
  • Cosmetic surgery – under light sedation
  • If the cosmetic surgery require deeper or general anaesthesia, these procedures are performed in Surry Hills Day Hospital (this private hospital is accredited to provide surgical procdures under generla aneatshesia)

We are one of the first clinics to be specifically accredited for cosmetic surgical clinic in New South Wales and will continue to provide services at a high standard.

dr. peter kim's NS10010

Dr. Peter Kim’s Certification to NS10010 Approval. Proof that Dr. Kim has approval. Proof of commitment to quality, leadership, systems and delivery of commitment to quality, leadership, systems


Dr. Peter Kim's proof of additional training and stays on top of his field.

Dr. Peter Kim’s proof of additional training and stays on top of his field.

2015-cosmetex-attendance-certificate [downloadable link]